Well Rounded Learning Through Play

At Carousel Early Learning Center, we use a comprehensive thematic curriculum that empowers your child by playing with a purpose. We address a child’s physical, mental, and social development through the use of age-specific activities and lessons.

Age-Specific Curriculums

Our curriculums focus on three pairs of aspects that are key to positive child growth: Cognitive and Physical, Language and Literacy, and Social and Emotional Development. Each activity in our plan aims to promote these areas.

By working on these areas, we can build a foundation that will help your child find success in school and everyday life.


Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the development of large motion actions such as running, jumping, hopping on one foot, and skipping. These skills are important because they develop a child’s sense of balance, coordination, speed, and endurance.

Fine Motor Skills

In addition to gross motor skills, children at this age are starting to develop their fine motor skills…those skills that use fine finger movements like the movements used to pick up beads, hold a pencil, or cut paper. These are often skills that are not innate; they must be taught.

Social Skills

Social skills are skills that are learned by interacting with others. While playdates with other similar-aged children can be helpful, time with siblings, family, friends, and even imaginary friends all provide a practice field for them to learn how and when and what to say and do when around others.

Academic Skills

Academic skills are important, however, a child needs to have the gross and fine motor skills, as well as social skills to be successful academically as they continue to formal education.


The students of Carousel Early Learning Center are always learning. Our curriculum centers around 10 themes which are developed and reinforced each month throughout the September to June School year.

12 Months of Learning

September: All About Me
October: You Can Be Whomever You Want To Be
November: A Harvest of Friends
December: Celebrations Around the World
January: A Blizzard of Winter Fun
February: Caring & Sharing

March: Lions, Lambs, and Leprechauns
April: What A Wonderful World
May: People on the Move
June: Under the Sea
July/August: “Summer Program”

Through these themes and with a focus on gross and fine motor, social, and academic skills, our talented team at Carousel keep the children engaged and learning in the subject areas listed below with creative and fun lesson plans that are carefully created and developmentally appropriate for each child.

  • Language
  • Reading Readiness
  • Pre-Math
  • Science
  • Creative Arts
  • Dramatic Play
  • Music and Movement

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